Karate: A Path from White to Black

an individual practicing karate at an academy

Karate is easily the most popular martial art in the world. In fact, according to Simmons Market Research, 18.1 million Americans partook in karate in the year 2011. That number has surely increased as the years go on. But what makes karate such a great option for young and old alike? What is so captivating about this martial art? In this blog, we will uncover the truth about karate and shed a light on its popularity. If you’re in the El Paso area and you’d like to embark on a journey of physical and mental endurance, choose America’s Best Karate!

The Art of Goal-Driven Training

At its root, karate is a way of training the body to become more agile and powerful. But if one wanted to only become agile and powerful, they could easily train at the gym or stretch on a regular basis. What this martial art (as well as other martial arts) offers is the physical and tangible representation of goals. Every single karateka (practitioner of karate) begins with a white belt. It doesn’t matter if the student is 4 years old or 40, both will begin with a white belt.

What The Colors Represent

In karate, the color white represents the innocence and purity of white snow. The student is a seed that has been planted beneath the snow, a seed that will eventually feel the warmth of the yellow sun. In order to make the jump from white to yellow, the karateka must learn certain things about martial arts and about him or herself. As the warmth reaches the seed, it sprouts and grows stronger, towards the sun. Now, the student gains the orange belt. This path continues for a total of nine belt colors, eventually leading to black. Each belt is a representation of skill and talent. Students have something to look forward to. Unlike sports such as soccer or tennis, where stats and matches may be the only way to quantify your advancement in the art, karate provides a visual representation for goals to be achieved.

Begin Your Journey, Today!

The belt system provides our students with the strength they require to persevere in life. If you’re interested in partaking in karate, contact America’s Best Karate in El Paso! We’ve been a part of the community since 1988. We’re proud to provide training to children and adults alike. Join our academy and improve your life, today!