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Kids Birthday Party Places in El Paso | America’s Best Karate

You don’t often see the words “karate” and “birthday party” in the same sentence. But what if we told you that America’s Best Karate offers unique and exciting birthday party packages for children in the El Paso area? It’s true! If you’re looking for a truly memorable birthday party, choose America’s Best Karate. Instead of going to the movies or to an arcade for a couple hours, you can bring your child and his/her guests to our academy for an enthralling day of fun and adventure! We offer web specials as well as special introductory offers. Continue reading to learn more about our birthday party packages.

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If you’d like to make your child a rock star while giving the party everybody talks about, complete the form on the side of the page for more information about available parties, to see our web specials, and take advantage of our special introductory offer!

look at what patents and students are saying about martial arts
martial arts testimonialImproved Grades
“My daughter Lauren has been going to America’s Best Karate and she always tries her best. Her instructors are teaching her new forms every day and work with every student independently. Thank you for teaching her self defense, confidence, and respect. This 1st year has truly made her a better person. Thank you Mr. Parra, Mr. Candia, Ms. Castro, and the rest of the staff!”
–DeAnna A.
martial arts testimonialLearned respect
“I used to be a trouble-maker, but Martial Arts taught me to respect everyone.”
martial arts testimonialThe best investment I ever made
“Martial Arts has been great for my son. It’s helped his listening skills, it’s helped his focus, it’s helped his eating habits. Martial Arts is the best investment I ever made for my son.”
–Shane Korkes (Ethan)
martial arts testimonialStopped the bully
“I learned how to stop bullying without fighting—I love Martial Arts!”
–Matthew M.
martial arts testimonialThe best investment in my life
“My daughter has been taking classes at America’s Best for about 6 months now and she absolutely loves it. Within the first 2 weeks she showed more self esteem and a “yes I can” attitude. Thankful for Mr. Parra and the way he works with all of the students. Master Candia and Ms. Castro are very helpful and always available for any issues or questions.”
–Evelien Wh

Prime Birthday Party Package — $199

For $199, your child and his/her guests will participate in a karate lesson. They will learn to punch, defend themselves, and so much more all while having fun! Young kids have a lot of energy and it’s often difficult for parents to know exactly how to control their children, especially when it comes to birthday parties. Instead of taking your child to the movies or to an arcade, where they’ll quickly grow bored, bring them to America’s Best Karate! The birthday boy or girl will be the center of attention. It will be a truly memorable birthday party!

Deluxe Birthday Party Package — $399

If you’d like to take your child’s birthday party to the next level, choose our deluxe package! For $399, we will teach a karate lesson and provide pizza for the guests. The birthday boy or girl will also be able to cut the birthday cake with a real samurai sword! And, best of all, the birthday child will receive the sword as a special birthday gift. It doesn’t get any more exciting than that, does it? There’s no need for parents to fret for the samurai sword is dull so it won’t cut anyone! Your child will feel like a true martial arts master and his/her friends will all have the time of their lives. This is a truly unique and exciting birthday party option and America’s Best Karate is proud to offer it to the children of the El Paso area.

El Paso’s Most Original Birthday Party Location

Let’s face it, birthday parties have a habit of getting stale as the years go by. Give your child a birthday party he/she will never forget and choose America’s Best Karate! As unconventional as it may sound, a karate birthday party will be one of the most original events your child and his/her friends will experience. They’ll all be talking about it for days and weeks. Our goal is to celebrate your child’s special day in the most exciting way possible. Contact us today to learn more about our birthday party packages.