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Physical Health Benefits of Martial Arts

By America’s Best Karate Center in El Paso, TX
Taking up a martial art is not only an excellent method to help you be prepared to defend yourself, should the need women doing grapplingarise; but it also provides a number of passive benefits to those who practice it. Among the physical benefits of practicing a martial art, the following are some of the most notable and beneficial.
1. Better cardiovascular health
This is perhaps the biggest health benefit ofpracticing martial arts. No matter what form you choose to learn, research has shown a strong link between regular practice and improved heart health and cardiovascular function. The good news is that this even applies to less strenuous forms and practice sessions, so even older participants can benefit as well.Simply practicing martial arts routine for around 30 minutes each day is enough to ensure that it remains in top shape.
2. Improved focus and sharper reflexes
To practice the martial arts is to develop both your body and mind together. Practicing mindfulness and remaining aware of your surroundings are both key factors of developing your skills as a martial artist. While in the dojo, such traits allow you to overcome your opponents; but these skills can help you in your regular day as well. Being focused and alert can help you improve your decision making skills in the work place while training yourself to improve your reflexes can help you react faster to emergency situations such as when driving and you need to take evasive action.
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3. Weight loss
Whether you’re an advanced student or a complete novice, taking up a martial art is an ideal form of physical exercise. An hour of practice at a moderate exertion level can burn as much as 500 calories an hour, making it a more efficient option to lose weight than walking, aerobics or even swimming.
4. Improved muscle tone
Martial arts are a great way to tone your muscles. It provides a full body workout and helps you develop and improve yourstrength levels, particularly in your core. For those looking to reduce their body fat percentages and build muscle mass without an intensive weight training regimen, Martial arts offer an ideal solution that will help you meet your goals to improve your physique without dramatically altering your body proportions.
These key physical benefits, though significant, are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes tothe many benefits that come with the regular practice of a martial art. Improved confidence and mood as well as a reduction in anxiety and depression are some of the psychological benefitsthat come with practicing martial arts, some of which we will explore in the next post.
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