My daughter is 6 and has been attending karate for about a year…

I’m very pleased with how my daughter has developed. She can focus for longer and doesn’t give up when something is hard, which I think is a direct result of the “Yes, I can!” attitude that they instill in the kids. All of the teachers are very patient and accommodating, which breeds a great environment for the kids to learn new skills.

My son loves to attend this academy!

It has been a pleasure and learning experience for him… He has had more confidence and a great self esteem thanks to all the great staff… My son looks forward [to] going every day. I would highly recommend this academy. You will be pleased with everything your child will learn like my son has learned.

This karate school has been really good for my boys!

The instructor is really great, he gets on the kids if they’re being lazy in class[. If] something is wrong with them, he talks to them to see if he can help them… They also push my boys to do better in school and to have a “yes I can” attitude. It has helped my boys a lot and I am very pleased with [this] karate school. Thank you AB karate for everything you have [done] and [will] do.