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  • Very friendly and patient staff. My daughter has been attending this academy for the past 3 years and not only has she learned a lot of karate, but there has been a noticeable difference with her school work and how she is as a person. The training staff encourage them to work at their fullest potential and instill the "Yes I can" attitude in everything that they do!

  • My grandson attends America's Best Karate. I have seen his excitement attending this place and love the discipline they teach him here. The instructors are sweet and firm with the kids which gives him good learning techniques. Keep up the great work ABK!

  • Really good staff, starting with Ms. Castro in the front. Mr. Para and Ms. Rodriguez and Mr. Rios are really good with their students. AB karate has helped my son gain self-confidence with their yes I can attitude. Helped him do better at school as well. I would recommend AB karate to any other parents for their child or children.

  • My grandson has been coming to America's Best Karate for 6 months now and he's learned so much. His self esteem has really improved and the way he looks at himself is amazing. He's learning to be a leader and we're so proud of him! Thank you America's Best Karate (staff) for all you do!!

  • The best dojo karate in El Paso. We are very happy that our son is part of this great academy. They develops life skills that last. We highly recommend. Their staff are super friendly, respectful and professional. They go above and beyond in every aspect with each student. They do not only focusing what happened during their classes, but they also motivate each kid to be better inside and outside the academy. AB karate Academy is a place where my son have a great time but at the same time is learning mentally and physically. Thank you for your time.

  • Awesome place for kids to learn self defense but specially self discipline, awesome staff and facilities.

  • Our son has developed TREMENDOUSLY in just 6 months of being with this school! Our son has a routine of chores that he voluntarily does, he’s developed socially, and not to mention his skills of karate! Our son looks forward to going to karate every week and working towards the goal of becoming a black belt! He works extremely hard and has excelled well beyond his years. We get so many compliments in Public on how well behaved our son is, and we give an enormous amount of credit to this academy! Thank you all for helping our child develop into an AMAZING young man!

  • The staff are amazing and my kids love going my son who suffers ADHD is learning discipline and how to focus better and my daughter who's is shy and suffered from bulling during the school year is learning how to protect herself and she's slowly coming out of her she'll both my kids confidence is showing now also I'm so grateful for this place and the staff.

  • My 7 year old son has been taking classes since May 2020. My goal was for him to join an extracurricular activity that would boost his confidence, encourage physical and mental health, and that would be fun for him. At AB Karate we found all of this and more. As a parent I wanted something that would serve as a tool to help my son learn and develop responsibility and self discipline. I can proudly say that AB Karate is helping in this area! The Staff are very knowledgeable in their field and are very professional. They are also very friendly and easy to work with, which is such a plus! As opposed to other karate schools that I researched that focus on competition, AB Karate focuses on character development and personal values, including sportsmanship. My son has been enjoying his experience and is currently a Blue Belt in the Leadership Academy, working towards his Black Belt. For my family and our needs, AB Karate has been a great fit!

  • Amazing program don't sell yourself short by going elsewhere. I can honestly say, one of the best investments I have made to date was bringing my son to this professional academy. Staff is great and knowledgeable. I really enjoyed the weapons training it really is a complete program.

  • Highly recommended. As a parent, you can see the difference on your kids with their confidence level they develop as well as the improved physical and mental skills reflected in school and daily activities. All the staff is like family with us and they really care their students inside and outside the dojo, from kids discipline, school grades or bullying issues, kids attitudes at home with parents, and personal confidence.

  • My granddaughters go to ABK. The oldest started when she was little and now has her black belt belt. The younger one is moving up as well. The staff are wonderful! They know the names of all the kids. And you can tell they really do care about them. They have helped instill discipline and focus to my little ones. Thank you Master Candia, Mr. Rios, Mr. Parra, Ms. Castro and the Rodriguez sisters for your attention, patience and hard work you put in. I highly recommend ABK!

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