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  • I love coming to this karate they're like family to me they taught me to be more confident and get stronger.

  • First experience with karate and it has done wonders for my kid .Instills great value outside of self defense such as confidence, resilience and focus. Staff is very friendly and informative. Location is always very clean and they throw a lot of events for the kids and parent's such as parent's night out.

  • Highly recommended. As a parent, you can see the difference on your kids with their confidence level they develop as well as the improved physical and mental skills reflected in school and daily activities. All the staff is like family with us and they really care their students inside and outside the dojo, from kids discipline, school grades or bullying issues, kids attitudes at home with parents, and personal confidence.

  • You should really check this place out, bring your kids here as I have, and see the tremendous results that I've seen in my kids. These are the best instructors I have ever found.

  • Great place for kids . Good program. Self- discipline and good confidence. Great instructors. Good for all the family.

  • America’s Best Karate has been life changing for my son. He is 4 and been attending ABK for a solid year throughout that year there has been major changes in our sons attention span, behavior and has truly made him more independent. Introducing our son to this opportunity was major he performs is morning stretches and has his own routine. We tell him daily Honor the work in front of you. You can’t look pass the small details because your hope is on something bigger. I honestly don’t know if he comprehends this just yet, but with ABK apart of his team we know he will. THANK YOU GUY BIG TIME FOR EVERYTHING YOU GUYS DO FOR OUR SON.

  • Wyatt(HAWK) has grown so much while attending this outstanding facility. We can’t thank you enough for the amazing work that you do. Keep up the great work!

  • I highly recommend Americas Best Karate. The entire staff is friendly and helpful. Master Candia keeps his staff well trained with a well thought out plan for every class. The facility is well kept and clean. My wife and I love all the extra events they do as well, especially parents night out we get to have a date night! Most importantly children have loved going to this Karate school.

  • The staff is very patient with my daughter and they are able to get her out of her shy bubble. She is learning to protect herself from bullying and is becoming more independent at home.

  • Very friendly and patient staff. My daughter has been attending this academy for the past 3 years and not only has she learned a lot of karate, but there has been a noticeable difference with her school work and how she is as a person. The training staff encourage them to work at their fullest potential and instill the "Yes I can" attitude in everything that they do!

  • Moved to El Paso recently and wanted to get our Son into a sport that would teach home respect of others and self confidence. Could not be happier we found AB Karate. Outstanding group of instructors and really awesome with the kids. My Son wants to attend class everyday which says everything to me. Keep up the fantastic work,. Thank you AB Karate!

  • The staff are amazing and my kids love going my son who suffers from ADHD is learning discipline and how to focus better and my daughter who's is shy and suffered from bullying during the school year is learning how to protect herself and she's slowly coming out of her she'll both my kids confidence is showing now also I'm so grateful for this place and the staff

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