As parents, our number one goal is to teach our children the most we can and the best we can. We want our children to have the best experience out of life, and to be productive members of society. Somethings however, are best learned by watching and learning from their parents and other role models in the child’s life. Here at America’s Best Karate we try our best to show what we teach. One of these many life lessons being compassion. This is skill that takes time to learn and to know when to best apply it. While it is always good to show compassion, there are certain circumstances that by showing compassion they can be put in a threatening situation. Compassion itself is hard to explain to older people, let alone younger children. However, as we all know, children are like sponges, they pick up what they see happen around them or even what happens to them. By showing kindness, even when it is not warranted we can show examples to the students so they can better understand it. While we do support discipline in the classroom, compassion is essential as well. Sometimes the students don’t have the best of days, they are irritated from school, they got in a fight with their siblings, or they got in trouble at home. While we do stress and encourage that when you step into the mat you let go of the days worries and focus on learning in class, sometimes it isn’t that easy. Compassion goes a long way in those situations, and can help the students themselves feel understood. Regardless of age, compassion is still an essential skill, that even we adults appreciate on the days that take a toll on our energy or thoughts. It is the same concept for the children, and in the end can help them better understand.