Raising Winners

Winners Mentality 

Quitters never win and winners never quit. As a parent, we all want our child to succeed in whatever they do in life. As long as they are safe, and are happy, we are happy for them. However, as a child, they tend to be fickle. We all know they love to start new hobbies, but they don’t usually like to stick through with them. Starting something is always fun and exciting but finishing it can be hard. Whether it’s a new sport, hobby or even a school project. Teaching your children to never quit, to always follow through with what they start is an essential life skill that will get them far in life. This is a skill we teach in our academy. Sometimes following through with something isn’t exciting, or even fun. For example, doing the same technique over and over again until you got it right can be boring. It can cause motivation to go down the drain. However, the fruits of sticking with an activity is worth it. The reward of finishing something, gaining that new skill or getting that A in school is exciting, both for the child and the parents. Another example we use to explain is, you don’t go to college just to do one semester, we do it for the degree we will have by the end of it. That degree will open doors for us and teach us skills we may need. The same can be said about a black belt in martial arts. Martial arts isn’t just about physical activity and self defense. Our school also molds good character, it’s key to being the black belt leader that they strive for when they first start. Winners aren’t necessarily born, they develop through life. Developing a winner mentality is crucial in life.