Self Control

Self. Control.

The ability to regulate not just your emotions but also your actions as well as thoughts. This is a vital life skill no matter the age. Whether you are 2 or 82, self-control is a skill that is needed in everyday life. Younger children tend to have a difficulty handling their own self-control. If not taught this can carry with them into adulthood. Not having that reign on your emotions, thoughts and actions can cause frustration to the person in that perspective or mindset. It can cause repercussions to them or the people around them that can be harmful. Sure a two year old throwing a fit isn’t nearly as harmful as a twenty-four year old, but children do need to be taught this skill earlier on in life. While sometimes they can pick up this skill by watching their parents or interacting with other children it isn’t guaranteed. Martial arts is one way to learn self-control. Through failure and success with the right hand leading them this skill can picked up. It’s an essential foundation when it comes to being in any sort of martial arts. Losing your temper can cause physical harm and losing control on negative thinking can be harmful emotionally. In the words of Jan Mckingley, “Self-control is a key factor in achieving success. We can’t control everything in life, but we can definitely control ourselves.”