Self-Discipline vs Motivation

Motivation is that somewhat random burst of energy we get from time pushing us to try new things, get back on track or even do random cleaning sessions. It’s a burst of energy that carries us to do things we want to do or even need to do. The sad thing about motivation is that it comes and goes. Its never steady or 24/7. Sure, it might last a day, two or even a week but after awhile it runs out. This is where self-discipline comes into play.  This is a skill we do our best to teach our students. In dojo and outside of it we push them to the best of their ability to continue practicing. Whether that be working on their homework on time, organizing their room or even practicing the skills we teach them.  Self-discipline is doing the things we need to do even if we don’t want to or when we “feel like we just don’t have time”. It takes a lot of work to become each color belt but especially a black belt. Each color is an essential step in learning and building up to getting our black belt. Having good self-discipline to practice the forms, work out on their own or even practice technique. It’s never usually easy, and for younger children it can even be boring after a while. This is where they (the children) need a good support system to keep them accountable until they learn the skill themselves. At our academy we also teach success, not “just enough” but to exceed in everything they do. To have pride in how they look and preform ( act in general outside the dojo). Motivation comes and goes but self-discipline is a skill that will help them for the rest of their lives.