Self Worth

What is Self-worth?

Self-worth is how we see ourselves and what we deserve in life. If someone has a bad perspective of their self-worth it can affect them in many negative ways. Anything they do, they will not put their full effort into it, more often than not they will also give up on any activities that they may have previously been passionate about. Negative self-worth comes from negative thinking. Which can change, and whiles it’s difficult to do so, it is possible. Having a negative perspective on yourself is different from recognizing what may need to change. Understanding that as human beings we do make mistakes. There is nothing wrong with failure, as long as you try again and learn from it. Having a negative perspective on your own self-worth can lead to failure after failure. Now, most might think that younger kids cannot have low or a negative self-worth, however this happens with a lot more often than originally thought. Working with younger children and teens we see, in the way they hold themselves, talk to others or even performing techniques asked of them. Which is why it is so important to teach younger children what self-worth is and how to believe in yourself. Realizing that growth is accessible and that how they are now is ok. They can what they put their mind too, as long as they never quit. In the words of our student creed, Winner’s never quit, Quitter’s never win. To believe in themselves and not have them say phrases such as “I can’t”, “why should I even try if I’m not going to get it anyway” or even “ It isn’t possible” is important. Which is why we try to help them take the baby steps needed to start turning their negative thinking around and have a more positive perspective on their self-worth.